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Where the Clothes End, the Crime Begins.

Where the clothes end, the crime begins.

Everywhere else is fair.

A child is the safest option.

All she can do is stare.

Not at your face,

Because she is paralysed in fear.

But at your feet,

Because your touch is too much for her to bear.

The big heads in black coats have approved of our actions.

The crime begins where the clothes end;

So until then, just enjoy her cute and scared reactions.

Once you're done with her,

Go home and open the internet.

There is porn that does more than just grope,

Some use duct tapes and tie her with a rope.

Fuck the feminists.

And fuck the MeToo.

Fuck all the girls and women,

Except for that goddess in a black coat

Who ordered for our sins to be forgiven,

For she never considers us sinners

Or our actions, sins.

Hail her and the men above her

Who make wise decisions, sitting in a building

shaped like our dicks.

Choose a different child next time.

Squeeze her ass on her tight leggings.

But don't forget:

Where the clothes end, the crime begins.

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