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Trips & Trust

Ever wonder how intimate your relationship with the fellow drivers on the road is. It is entirely built on trust. You trust that the bike in front of you hears the horn, and gives way for you to pass. You trust that the car behind you sees your indicator, and leaves space, to take that right turn.

This intimate relationship exists with the pedestrians too. You trust that the pedestrian crossing the road won't rush across your speeding bike. The pedestrian inturn trusts that you will slow down when he/she is crossing the road.

So what if you don't want to slow down and the pedestrian doesn't wants to wait for you to pass? What then? It still works. The relationship is so intimate that the trust is almost an unconscious act that keeps things mutually coordinated. The relationship is so intimate that if they betray that trust, you don't hold back from swearing at them or lecturing them like they're your family.

The relationship is so intimate that the person you hit accidentally, won't file a complaint against you, trusting that you won't repeat your mistake. The relationship is so intimate, that you stop to apologize to the person you just hit, trusting that they'll let you go.

So what happens when you betray that trust and break that relationship? What happens when you miss the red light on purpose? What happens when you don't wear a helmet? What happens when you race above the speed limit? What happens when you drink and drive? What happens when you fall asleep on your bike?

When you break that trust, there's no longer any trust. There's only hope. You only have to hope that nobody will hit you when you don't have your helmet on. You only have to hope that you won't hit anyone while you're drunk.

You only have to hope that you won't drift off the road while you're asleep. You only have to hope that the police didn't note down your bike number, when you exceed the speed limit. You only have to hope that nobody crosses the road when you skip the red light.

You only have to hope that everybody gives way for the ambulance rushing you to the hospital. But don't worry. The relationship is intimate and they will give way. And they too will hope. They too will hope that the ambulance reaches the hospital soon enough to save your life.

Unfortunately, the hope won't save your life. So if you die, they'll pray for you, and hope that your soul reaches a sacred place because they care, because the relationship is intimate.

So don't break the intimate relationship. Don't betray the trust. Don't bring it down to just hope. Wear a helmet. Don't drink and drive. Respect the rules. And don't fall asleep. Have a safe, happy and an intimate trip on the road.

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