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The Witch


Cursed is she,

The witch who lives deep inside the woods.

Sinned has she,

The witch who lures the men with lecherous looks.

Men have tried

To tame and kill that evil profane whore.

None have won

For the darkest powers she possessed were much more.

The men return with empty hands,

A cut or bruise on their bodies.

Don't worry. We shall send more,

Before another maiden she embodies.

Oh yes,

She had turned some of our maidens into witches.


The lot of women are sacrilegious bitches.

One fine day,

An entrapped maiden emerged from the dark woods.

She said to us,

"She is a Medusa. Your claims are falsehoods".

She praised the witch

And the haven she built for the filthy ravished women.

We tied her up

And set on fire for her sins to be forgiven.

A word arrived;

A child thrived inside the burning womb.

The witches arrived,

"Patriarchy, this shall be your doom".

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