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The Paradox of the Road Not Taken

Illustration by Charlotte Ager

Isn’t it true that the grassier path attracts more visitors than the trampled one?

And isn’t it also true that the trampled path was once grassy,

And it wore out eventually the way it is now

Only because it attracted travelers for being so green?

So if a new path diverges where the grass is greener,

Then travelers will choose this path for its beauty.

And the old, vanquished road

Becomes the new road not taken.

So, now, dear Robert Frost,

Would you have taken

The road not taken if it wasn’t so green?

If it was old, and worn out, would you have left it for another day?

Maybe something new has sprouted on its surface while the travelers were too busy exploring the new road.

Maybe something magical has taken shelter within its vanquished depths;

Maybe something ancient awaits to impart wisdom,

Who knows?

Would you have taken the road not taken

If the grass wasn’t so green, Mr. Frost?

Would you have taken the road not taken

If the path was dark, damp, and mean?

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