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The Mystery of Black Holes

(Read the full zine here.)

I solved the mystery of black holes a long time ago.

Two of them have made my face

their humble abode.

They are the result of all the knowledge my eyes have absorbed

As light travelled through a digital universe

Where a billion stars called pixels blinked,

Forming constellations that speak, dance, and sing;

Constellations of humans and worlds that were oceans away,

And yet they seem so close to my heart

That I cannot blink my eyes lest I miss them for one second.

I try to etch them in my mind and my heart

To relive the moments long after the canvas turns black.

These stars know no day or night.

They appear on command just to make me smile.

And when the universe grew smaller,

I had to lean in closer to make the constellations appear larger.

There stood the humans in the palm of my hands, living their lives.

There lay the knowledge of the entire humankind resting on my little finger,

Only a thumb's touch away.

I absorbed it all – the trash, the cinema, the poems, the enigma, the reels and rumours, the stories and bloopers.

I stared at the world that may never be mine,

Hypnotised by the billion blinking stars.

Each second I spent stargazing, the black holes grew a little large.

But the black holes aren't to be feared.

They absorb energy to only feed my mind.

They do not seek to harm any living kind.

They stay fixed so stubbornly to absorb every photon of light

So as to make up for their loneliness in the dark.

Don't point at them and scoff

For they hold too much knowledge

Which they will use to make your life a little rough.

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