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Misogyny Is a Hate Crime

The words feel too powerful.

The phrase, a cup of fresh water

After drifting for centuries in an ocean.

The water was always there, but it was drowning in the ruthless salt.

They knew this well, yet did nothing,

For it was the mermaids who had to swim in it all day long.

And it was only when the Cthulhu dragged the ship down,

Did they taste it on their ignorant tongues.

The salt stung their eyes and dragged out tears that have long gone dry.

But can't you see the mermaids have always cried?

This ocean, they have filled all their lives.

Now, having tasted the spite of the salt,

They open their mouths to spit it out.

"Misogyny is a hate crime."

Say it! Roar it out loud.

Let the words reverberate until the oceans tremble,

Causing waves to wash over lands that have long been adorned

With the blood and sweat of half of humanity.

Say it! Roar it out loud.


Let it begin to cleanse the world of men's crimes.

Let it travel through the times of past and present,

Standing as a testament to justice and change,

Echoing as an answer to all of women's rage.

Say it! Roar it out loud.


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