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In the end


I walk into a place so dear and familiar;

The ghost of another time follows.

I close my eyes to bring back memories.

I wake to a beast well known, and my heart hollows.

He greets me with a smile.

I begin to gasp for breath.

He invites me to a shameless ritual.

I begin to run from my death.

I feel him chasing me like a predator.

I turn to see how much time I have left.

I see his smile has perished.

A grim rage chases me now; hope bereft.

I run through crowds,

Tension and dread visible.

They don’t seem to help.

They go about like the beast is invisible.

As I run, I think to myself,

Why am I being chased by my past?

As I run, I cannot seem to believe

That his grip on me still lasts.

But I am not alone this time.

I won’t let him rule me again.

So I run to the only angel who was with me now

And was with me before all this began.

I can hear his breathing getting closer and closer.

And I see the angel far in front of my eyes.

I won't let go now,

As in my heart, hope begins to rise.

All out of breath, I reach her.

She catches sight of my stalker.

As my angel fights the demon,

I stand like a mere watcher.

Each time my angel scars him,

He looks at me with madness.

I have let that frighten me for too long,

So I scoop his eyes out of vengeance.

His look scares me no more.

His fury shakes me no more.

My angel slays him;

His presence worries me no more.

The angel in a friend isn’t visible

Until you see a beast in the lover.

In the end, he leaves you hopeless,

And she gives you power.

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