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Death vs. Life


Your eyes see nothing but tears,

Your ears ring with the foul sayings of your peers,

Your heart knows nothing but ache,

Your lips haven't known a smile that isn't fake.

So kill thyself.

Your hands reach for the blade,

Your wrists long for the scarlet shade,

Your stomach lurches with irk,

Death hovers over you with a smirk,

So kill thyself.

In a home where affection is scarce,

In a life where love is farce,

Kill thyself.

In a heart where happiness hides,

In a mind where darkness thrives,

Kill thyself.


Your eyes sting with pain,

Your ears ring with disdain,

Your heart flutters with wounds of past,

Your lips crave for a smile that lasts.

So heal thyself.

Your arms search for warmth,

Your wrists are wound in a cotton cloth,

Your stomach hungers for love.

So let Death rest in its cove,

And heal thyself.

Build a home where your body feels at ease,

Build a life that flourishes with sweet memories.

Heal thyself.

With a heart that knows to be kind,

With a mind that learns to leave pain behind,

Heal thyself.

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